AR-900 Butsudan


Lines of harmonious symmetry and a unique hexagonal design lend shape to the AR-900 Butsudan. Available in either dark lacquer stained red oak wood, dark lacquer stained walnut wood, and natural lacquer finished birch wood. The AR-900 Butsudan is equipped with two large fluorescent lights, each mounted vertically, discreetly concealed by two solid strips of matching wood which blend in to the butsudans’ overall design, and one midsize fluorescent light which illuminates the interior from above. A carefully crafted, solid-wood platform has been added to set the cranes on, and thus enhancing the central area. Also, the solid wood doors open with invisible hinges which create a refined & elegant appearance. The TD-107 Stand, there are four doors that by pushing in on them reveal three independent and spacious storage areas.

Butsudan Dimensions:
Height 70″
Width 48″
Depth 24″


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